Wednesday, August 23, 2006

'Pull the Book' Campaign - Letter and supporters list.

If you agree that a book with serious allegations ( in this case against a parent, the medical profession, and a religious congregation ) should be recalled from sale until proven authentic, please contact me with the name of your group, or individuals that wish to support our 'David and Goliath' action.

This letter will be sent, with the supportors list to Mainstream publishers and the primary sales points where the book is on sale ie the book shops and supermarkets.

Child abuse always sells - but what if the story is untrue - it's a mockery of all children ever abused, and that's abuse repeated again, but in this case aided by the publishers in the name of profit.
We will add to this list as the groups and individuals come in.

Florence Horsman Hogan. .


Body of Letter and support list.
Sir / Madame,

'Kathy's Story' we know is now claimed to be for the main part, a work of fiction, by her own family as well as the religious congregation in whose Magdalene laundries she claims to have been resident.

Are Mainstream prepared to state as you have done before that you have carried out back round checks, and are 100% behind the details of the book ?.Are Mainstream prepared to indicate in what way the allegations were verified to 100% certainty.
If not the onus is on you the publisher to withdraw, investigate, and publish the results of the investigation.
How much responsibility does Michael Sherridan, the books co author have for verification of the allegations made.

Marketing this book as an autobiography allegedly destroys the name of an innocent man (according to the authors own family), brings into disrepute the Irish psychiatric services,and vilifies a religious congregation (The Sisters of Our Lady of Charity)with no substantiation other than Ms O'Beirne's word.

Ms O'Beirne can only have documentary evidence for her 6 week stay in St Annes in Kilmacud, Dublin when she was 11 years old (1967), her stays in St 'X' psychiatric hospital, and her stays in Mountjoy prison.

Have you seen the birth and death cert of 'Annie'(early 70's?),have you seen documentation specific to High Park laundry in Dublin, (early 70's?).
And has Ms O'Beirne been able to name or even describe any of the nuns working there at the time?.

These are only some of the key questions to which we are sure you won't have answers to.

I request, in the name of the following support groups and individuals, that the book 'Kathy's Story' and the spin off 'Don't Ever Tell' be removed from the shelves of all of the bookshops and supermarkets internationally until investigated.

If not, these bookshops, supermarkets etc are facilitating fraud.The fact that 'Kathy's Story' is on the British and Irish bestseller lists, and is now on sale as far abroad as Austrailia is indicitive of how well books on child abuse sell.
Florence Horsman Hogan. 23-08-06.
_____________________________________________________________________________________ SUPPORT GROUPS.

1)Let Our Voices Emerge (L.O.V.E). Shankill, Co. Dublin. email:

2)False Allegations of Carers and Teachers.(F.A.C.T.)P.O.Box 3074, Cardiff,

3) The Alliance Victim Support Group, 30 Castle Gdns, Richhill, Co. Armagh. BT

4) The Kerlaw Support Group, Glasgow, Scotland. email:

5)Website support: Family Media Association:


1) Florence Horsman Hogan. Seaview Wood, Shankill, Co. Dublin.

2) J. Harrison, Merseyside. Englamd.

3) F. Harrison, Merseyside. England.

4) L. Gibbons, Merseyside. England.

5. J. Evans, Merseyside. England.

6. A. Burrows, Merseyside. Eng.

7. B. Strettle, Cheshire. Eng.

8. D. Strettle, Cheshire. Eng.

9. L. Sutcliffe,Lancashire. Eng.

10. P. Sutcliffe, Lancs. England.

11. J. Horrocks, Cheshire. England.

12. G.Stack, Cheshire.

13. M.Sutcliffe, Lancashire, England.

14. Mrs B. Galvin, Ballybrack, Co. Dublin.

15) Mrs F. Clarke,Main St., Eyrecourt, Co. Galway.

16) Mr. Tom Hayes, Castle Gdns, Richill, Co. Armagh.Northern Ireland.

17) Mr John Scanlon, Bantry, Co. Cork.Ireland.

18) Mr Jim O'Sullivan, Czardas, Bantry, Co. Cork.Ireland.

19) Ms F.Howard, Eyrecourt, Co. Galway, Ireland.

20) Diane Nolan, Glasgow, Scotland.

21)Rory Connor, 11 Lohunda Grove Dublin 15.

22)John Easling, Brisbane, Austrailia.


At 8:44 AM, Blogger tompkin said...

Why has Kathy O'Beirne not responded to the newspaper article in the Sunday paper - after all - the family say she's not tell ing the truth - that's really serious.

At 3:23 PM, Blogger Joan said...

Evidently allegations are easy to make.
BUT, they can be either proven or disproven.
Stop moving the goalposts, Mainstream, and sort this once and for all by producing the EVIDENCE.

At 2:44 AM, Blogger The Knitter said...

Still no sign of them nuns suing Kathy .... wonder why ???

At 1:58 PM, Blogger Florence Horsman Hogan said...

Because - idiot - she hasn't named any one of them individually. They never stated they were going to 'sue' her. Stop fabricating Knitter. The asked the Gardai in Harcourt St to investigate her allegations. It was the Sisters who started the investigation, not O'Beirne with her so-called hungar strike. My media contacts were laughing as she sat on the path and had her sandwiches or whatever after the photo call.

The investigation couldn't proceed because she wouldn't co operate. What I fail to understand Andrew, is, when you know, or should know that none of the Victim Support groups here will have anything to do with O'Beirne - she's just a total loser. Why are you trying to give her credibitity. You only weaken the little bit you've got left.

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